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Angels Care Home Health Puts Patients First 

Angels Care Home Health is a Medicare-certified 
home health agency that has been serving patients in 
Ottawa, Osawatomie and the surrounding communities for 
nearly five years. It is owned and operated by AngMar Medical 
Holdings, Inc., a privately held family company based in 
Mansfield, Texas. AngMar operates a network of agencies with multiple locations in nine states, including Arizona, Florida, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma and Texas. Since 2000, AngMar’s team of health care professionals has served more than 152,500 patients. Those numbers continue to grow, fueled by the specialized patient-centered care that the company provides and its commitment to excellence to in serving its local communities. 

Angels Care admits patients 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When its patients are first admitted onto service, they receive more visits from nurses and therapists in the first two weeks than is typical of the average home health agency. Education through its disease management and specialty programs also distinguishes Angels Care from other home health agencies. Whether patients are coping with chronic illness, healing from an injury, or relearning lost skills, they have the resources to help them manage their condition and enjoy quality living at home. 

“Receiving medical care at home from Angels Care allows our senior patients and their loved ones to become more involved in the management of their own or loved one’s condition,” said Justine Fine, RN, Branch Manger for Angels Care Home Health in Ottawa. “This involvement helps our patients gain a higher level of independence, recover more quickly and reduce the need for emergency care.” 

Angels Care provides skilled nursing care, restorative therapy and medical social services to patients in their homes or wherever they may reside, including assisted living facilities and retirement communities. Under the direction of the physician, Angels Care administers medical services to the patient while strictly adhering to the physician’s plan of care. It also provides a series of specialty programs including Behavioral Health at Home, Care Connections Pre-Palliative Care, Anxiety & Depression Chronic Care, Alzheimer’s & Dementia, Take a Breath Respiratory Program and most recently Pain Management. Through its programs, community and patient/caregiver- specific education and patient service, the goal of Angels Care is to make it possible for seniors to receive quality health care at home so they can remain independent and continue to lead safe, healthy and productive lives. 

“Home health care is a cost-effective method for receiving health care services and patients have a choice,” said Fine. “When given a choice, the seniors in our communities want to age in the comfort of their homes where they can enjoy the support of family and friends – and feel confident with the skilled care they receive from nurses and therapists dedicated to helping them live better and more independently.” 

In addition to the services it provides to its patients and their families, the team at Angels Care Home Health strives to extend their knowledge and expertise into the communities it serves by offering a series of events and education on a variety of health-related topics through its Community Classroom and Caregiver Support Education programs. These events are open to the public and offer education on topics such as Healthy Eating, Managing Medications, Allergies and Asthma, Cold and Flu, Chronic Diseases, Falls Prevention, Heart Health and many more. 

To find out more about upcoming events, educational classes, to schedule an evaluation or learn more about the benefits of Home Health care, contact Angels Care Home Health in Ottawa today at (785) 242-3100 or visit angelscarehealth.com. At Angels Care Home Health, we serve patients! 

Special For the Month:

Angels Care Home Health will be hosting a coffee on Thursday, October 17th at 10:00 a.m. at the the Loft on Sixth (425 6th Street). Please show your support by attending this coffee. This is a great way to get to know their staff and a great way to network with other businesses. Your support for their business is appreciated!