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The Osawatomie Theater Company was formed in March of 2017 by owners Brian King
and David Schawrzer. The two of them met several years ago doing a performance of
“Squabbles” for the Community Theater in Ottawa. Their friendship grew from there,
and with it, the idea to form a theater company here in Osawatomie.

Brian has been doing community theater for over 6 years now including work both on
and off stage and co-directing a few plays. David has been in the theater business for
over 30 years. He has directed, produced, written and served in all capacities necessary
to put on a successful performance.

Between the two of them they have performed and helped with Community Theaters
throughout Garnett, Ottawa and Paola. Though they are both dedicated to the growth of
the Community Theater here in Osawatomie, they also still actively serve on the Board
for the Ottawa Community Theater.

They put on their very first production of “The Mysterious Murderer” (written by David
Schawrzer) in October of last year. The turnout for the production was a success for
them, so plans were laid to continue with the company.

They encourage anyone who acts or has ever thought about acting to come to their
auditions. They also encourage those members of the community who may not be
interested in the acting portion to help with the many unseen parts of putting on a
production such as set design, costuming, props and of course advertising! They remind
the people of Osawatomie that this is the Community’s Theater and they welcome your
ideas, suggestions and critiques.

Since their company is relatively new, they plan to have several fundraisers throughout
the year to include bake sales, one act skits in the park and participation in the City wide
garage sale in June. Up until now, they have used their own funds (and some smaller donations from businesses & the community) to support the company and its past production. As always, they welcome donations of any kind and appreciate it, as it costs a lot to put on a production with costuming, venues, materials, royalties, and advertising to be considered. Without the support of the community, a play is not possible.

They have several productions planned for 2018 and if you are interested in helping,
please feel free to contact Brian via phone, e-mail or on Facebook. They also encourage
you to like and share the Osawatomie Theater Company’s Facebook page for all the
upcoming auditions, productions and what volunteer help they might need.

Special for the Month:

The Osawatomie Theater Company re-scheduled their coffee that was originally set on January 9th to January 30th. The will host the coffee at 10:00 a.m. at the Chamber of Commerce Office (the Railroad Depot/Museum). Please show your support by attending this coffee. This is a great way to get to know Brian and the Theater Company and also to network with other businesses! Your support for their Company is appreciated!