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"Our city is a great place to live, work and raise a family. It has a high quality of life with excellent schools, quality public services and quick access to the entire metropolitan area."  
Miami County
Combined Calendar

We now have a combined Google calendar that pulls from each community's calendar into one centralized calendar.  This feature will be a useful tool for tourists and residents alike. 

>>Combined Calendar
Think Local. Shop Local. 
Keep it Local

July 12th, 19th & 26th:  Osawatomie Farmers' Market
July 21st:  Serving Our Students
July 24th:  Business Spotlight Coffee - City of Osawatomie
July 28th:  Osawatomie Elks 4 Man Scramble


Known as the town between two rivers, Osawatomie has a rich and vibrant history from its pre-Civil War Border War legacy and railroad heritage to a nationally-renowned state mental hospital that blazed a trail for developing new therapeutic treatments for the mentally ill.

Throughout its history, Osawatomie experienced its share of celebrations and struggles. But through it all, the community has never given up, choosing instead to push forward to make the city a better place for its residents.

The community was founded on Oct. 22, 1854, by a dozen or so families sponsored by the Massachusetts Emigrant Aid Society, later named the New England Emigrant Aid Society. The group arrived in Kansas Territory with the purpose of keeping the area, and eventually the state, free from slavery. A land agent from New York, Orville C. Brown, convinced the families to settle on the site, which was bordered by the Marais des Cygnes – then known as >> Read More

We often forget to thank those in our community who have been there in the background striving to make our town a better place to live, work and raise a family in.  

To those Kindhearted Neighbors, Business Owners and Volunteers (who take the time out of their lives to make OUR lives a little better) you deserve so much more than "thank you" can say.  

But I would like to try...and so...

Thank You.  Thank you for planning.  Thank you for organizing.  Thank you for being there - especially when you were the ONLY one there!  Thank you for SMILING even when you wanted to CRY. Thank you for your UPBEAT demeanor even when you were IRRITATED.  Thank you for your WORRIES, for your CONCERNS, for your HAPPINESS.    Thank you for seeing it all the way through.  Thank YOU for Being YOU.  

Osawatomie is a much better place because of these kind and thoughtful souls, so if you get the chance, be sure to thank them!