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First off, up until our crazy hail storm, last Saturday's Soap Box Derby was a complete success! You can check out the results on the Chamber's Website and also through the Miami County Republic Article.

Second off, it could not be done without the help of so many volunteers! And by volunteers and I mean not only the ones that showed up to help, but the Parents and the Community that stepped up! You guys are the ones who made this event happen and it definitely could NOT have been done without you! I cannot even begin to thank you enough for your help with setup, breakdown, cleanup and all the other miscellaneous tidbits you provided throughout the day and leading up to the event itself! You are kind and dedicated and I am so THANKFUL for all of your hard work!

I would especially like to thank Travis & Stacy Plum, my Husband, my Dad (John) and Wes Duncan for their SUPER DOOPER FANTABULOUS efforts into to making this possible - none of this would have come close to happening had it not been for them.

I'd also like to recognize a few more individuals for their help (and by "help" I mean putting up with my craziness over the course of the last few weeks): Justin Burchett, Donna & Steve Eichorn, Emily McCrea, Nick Scheffer, Tim Roth, Dale Samuels, David Spears, Ann & Steve Yonker.

A special shout out to Donnie Blackman, Ed Beaudry, Chief Ellis, Mayor Govea, Matthew Hockley, Brandon Long, John Mann and Emily Menefee for your wonderful help throughout this process!

Props to the wonderful OHS High School Boys, the OZ Fire Department and the Boy Scouts that loaded cars at the bottom of the hill all day - I'm sure you were pooped!

To the City of Osawatomie Public Works and Electrical Crew - you guys ROCK!

And HUGS & HIGH FIVES AGAIN to our Sponsors: Auten Pharmacy, Barden Dentistry, Casey's, Chris' Cafe, the City of Osawatomie, Donna & Viola's Shirts Etc, First Option Bank, Green Bay Soap Box Derby, Hasty Awards in Ottawa, the Kansas City Soap Box Derby, the Loft on Sixth, Palace Hardware & Pat's Signs.

And FINALLY a great BIG thanks to those houses on Main Street for letting us block your driveways and allowing these kiddos a FABULOUS DAY!

Good LAND! I feel like I’m at the academy awards, and kick me later if I’ve forgotten to thank you for something at some point, but please know that I am ever so grateful to those who have helped make this event possible! 😁

>> Miami County Republic Article

The Results are as Follows:

Stock Double:

1st: Cooper Plum
2nd: Anna Roth
3rd: Kiyoshi Lamirande
4th: Jack Burchett
5th: Olivia Seymour
6th: Alyssa Haefele
7th: Makenzie Whiting
8th: Jakob Whiting

Super Stock Double:

1st: Cate Crenshaw
2nd: Harrison Roth
3rd: Logan Plum
4th: Walker Beets
5th: Ryen Reynolds
6th: Bailey Madden
7th: Tegan Sibit
8th: Seth Aguirre

Master's Double:

1st: Owen Schilling
2nd: Jackson Fisher
3rd: Dillon Reinders
4th: Megan Plum

Stock Single:

1st: Anna Roth
2nd: Cash Seymour
3rd: Kiyoshi Lamirande
4th: Olivia Seymour
5th: Jakob Whiting
6th: Makenzie Whiting
7th: Eduardo Loredo
8th: Jack Burchett

Super Stock Single:

Didn't finish to get places

Masters Single:

1st: Owen Schilling
2nd: Megan Plum
3rd: Jackson Fisher
4th: Dillon Reinders